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                                                    Soft skills for Customer Service

1.Communication Fundamentals

  • Greeting customers politely
  • Active Listening
  • Responding precisely

2.Language Skills

  • Phrases for common scenarios
  • Sentence structures
  • Giving a flow to your talk

3.Speaking Skills

  • Correct pronunciation
  • Voice modulation and intonation
  • Telephone etiquette

4.Interpersonal skills

  • Understanding customer perspectives
  • Adapting to different customers
  • Building rapport and trust

5.Dealing with Challenging Customers

  • Handling difficult or angry customers calmly
  • Positive language and empathy

6.Problem-Solving Skills

  • Understanding problems clearly
  • Providing solutions helpfully

7.Email Communication

  • Writing well-structured emails
  • Responding to emails promptly

8.Front Desk Interactions

  • Welcoming customers respectfully
  • Providing guidance accurately

9.Mock Scenarios

  • Practicing skills through role-plays
  • Getting immediate feedback