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How we Enable




we will Identify your current level of English and define your needs and aspirations based on tests and discussion.

we will Develop a unique course program to get good/fast results based on your needs and aspirations

Practice in each session to gain confidence in writing and speaking English using debates,speeches,role-plays and quizzes.

Who we Enable

  • Home makers – We Enable home makers to speak confidently and express themselves clearly in parties,social media and all social gatherings
  • Students – We Enable students to understand there subjects,take part in colleges competitions like speeches, debates etc.We also provide personality development and interview training to ensure holistic development and enable them to excel in there carrier.
  • Professionals – We Enable professionals like sales people and office goers to learn English and communication skills thereby making progress in there professional lives.

Enable Advantage

  • Every course is tailored keeping in mind the application of the participant- social, professional, academic, job-seeking etc.The current proficiency level of the student is also considered
  • We make small batches of three students each whose needs viz., speaking in social circles, professional contexts, office presentations etc. and proficiency in English are similar. This enables me to choose the vocabulary, role plays and the topics for discussions in the right context. Since their learning is relevant to their need, the participants apply their knowledge of English regularly and thereby, succeed in their personal and professional lives.
  • The students get ample practice through role-plays,debates,discussions and other interesting activities  that builds there command over the language and gives them enough confidence to express themselves in different situations.

About us

Enable Academy is an online institute started with an aim to guide learners to develop their effective styles of speaking and writing in English. Being in the education field for long I, Sapana Jain, started a ‘Spoken English ‘ class to help people become more eloquent. We have taken our class online. We conduct courses for office-goers, housewives, and students. The students became fluent and their writing became succinct and impactful. We have live interactive sessions where you get ample speaking practice and get immediate feedback. You talk, discuss, debate, role play, take part in skits, games as we teach grammar, usage, vocabulary, and intonation. It’s fun and helps you to retain and use what you have learned. You can join a free demo class

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