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                                              Spoken English online course

We enable you to make correct sentences in English. We give you enough speaking practice so that you are able to talk confidently in day to day situations. Gradually, you build proficiency in holding conversations in social, and academic contexts. You enhance your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

1.The Building Block

  • Learn sentence formation.
  • Build basic and intermediate vocabulary.
  • Think in English.
  • Practice speaking simple sentences.

2.Functional Grammar and Usage

  • Learn to talk about the present, past and future- sentence structures.
  • Use active and passive voice.
  • Overcome challenges in the use of pronoun cases, prepositions, agreement of verb with the subject, words often confused.
  • Avoid common errors in usage made by the Indian students.

3.English for the Real World

  • Practice everyday communications- introduction, meeting friends
  • Role-play real-life situations.

4.Speak Confidently

  • Learn correct pronunciations
  •  Practice fluency and intonation exercises
  • Participate in speeches, discussions, debates, both prepared and extempore topics.
  • Build stories and Picture-conversations

5.Daily Assignments

  • Write a paragraph.
  • Prepare a speech on the given topic.

6.Test and Evaluation

  • Identify areas where you need more practice
  • Get personalized lessons

7.Use Course material

  • Revise lessons