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Reading Fun for Young Learners

Course Duration: 20 hours (20 sessions of 1 hour each)

This course is designed to help 5-to 7-year-old children develop their reading skills in a fun and
engaging way. Through interactive activities, games, and exercises, kids will be introduced to the
basic elements of reading such as phonics, sight words, and comprehension. The course will also
focus on building their confidence, enthusiasm, and love for reading.

1. Phonics Fun
• Introduction to phonics
• Learning vowel sounds
• Phonics games and activities
2. Sight Word Safari
• Introduction to sight words
• Learning common sight words
• Sight word games and activities
3. Reading Comprehension Camp
• Introduction to comprehension
• Learning strategies for comprehension
• Comprehension games and activities
4. Book Bingo Bonanza
• Introduction to books
• Learning different types of books
• Book-related games and activities
5. Word Family Picnic
• Introduction to word families
• Learning different word families
• Word family games and activities
6. Storytelling Time
• Introduction to storytelling
• Learning how to tell a story
• Storytelling games and activities
7. Reading Aloud Theatre
• Introduction to reading aloud
• Learning strategies for reading aloud
• Reading aloud games and activities

8. Letter Treasure Hunt
• Introduction to letters
• Learning letter recognition
• Letter-related games and activities
9. Reading Race
• Review of phonics, sight words, comprehension, and word families
• Reading race games and activities
10. Reading Celebration
• Final review of reading skills
• Reading-related games and activities